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在多数情况下replace by 可为replace with 代替,而replace with 有时代替不了replace by(replace by 常有“取而代之”的味道).如果一道选择题,需要从这两个词中选择的话,就选指代范围较小的replace by 吧.


一、表示使用有形的工具时,通常用with来表示。例如: 用钢笔写 write with a pen 用肉眼看 see with naked eyes 用锤子敲打 strike with a hammer 用秒表计量 measure with a stop watch 用空气冷却 cool with air 用毛巾擦 rub with towel 二...

replace by... = replace... with ... 用(以)......代替(取代,替代)...。如: I replaced the worn-out tools with/by new ones. 我用新工具来替换那些磨损不堪的旧工具。 It is not a good idea to miss meals and replace them with/ by ...

你好~是be replaced by 被替代 例句 The smile disappeared to be replaced by a doleful frown. 笑容消失了,取而代之的是哀伤的蹙眉。

用b替换a A被b替换。

觉得2楼说的正确,在多数情况下replace by 可为replace with 代替,而replace with 有时代替不了replace by(replace by 常有“取而代之”的味道)。如果一道选择题,需要从这两个词中选择的话,就选指代范围较小的replace by 吧。

replace to 替换成??? replace with 替换为;以…代替 replace by 取代;以…代替

都有,意思不一样,by是前者被后者取代, with是用后者取代前者

等同于order by namess,只不过namess里的‘张’要去掉。 replace()是替换的意思,REPLACE(namess,'张','')就是把namess里的张替换为空

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